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我们的广告服务∙Our Advertising Services
快速成长阶段的留学问号节目,在在中国大陆和北美市场,有着广泛的影响力。在短短的二年半时间里,凭借我们两个季度的原创视频内容,和互联网及移动媒体的传播,已经积累了全球接近三百万的点击率。在收视用户群体中有着广泛的影响力, 知名度,和好评度。
Study Abroad Question Mark’s vast influence in mainland Chinese and North American markets are quickly growing. In just two and half years, we have accumulated nearly three million views through our two seasons of original video content, and distribution via web and mobile media. We have immense influence, popularity, and acclaim within our targeted audiences.
我们秉承着脚踏实地做精品,服务全球留学生文化生活的愿景,希望携手同样服务于留学生市场的优秀企业品牌,共同为苦逼啃书中的留学生,提供更多的优质的精神食粮。 基于我们的品牌影响力和产品属性,我们为服务于留学行业的企业及品牌,提供了如下的服务:
We uphold values to produce down-to-earth good quality content, in service of the cultural lives of international students worldwide. We wish to partner with companies also in service of the international student market, to provide quality support for the hardworking students. In accordance to the influence and nature of our brand, in service of the studying abroad industry and brand, we are providing the following services:

视频广告∙Advertise on our videos

冠名商∙Title advertiser


Title advertisers will be acknowledged at the beginning of an episode via verbal announcement, and with an animated logo

广告植入∙Ad placement


In accordance to the themes and plot development of the given episodes, sensibly incorporate the brand, and the brand’s message, images, or experience, into the plot


节目进行到中段或中后段,根据节目内容的相关性,插入小剧场广告,通过有趣的段子表演,动画,或播报的形式,让收视观众或耳目一新,或捧腹大笑,完全沉浸在品牌的记忆当中 。

In accordance to plot and relevance, insert a skit advertisement in the middle or later half of the episode. Through funny performances, animations, or announcement formats, allow full emergence of viewer by offering an unsuspecting advertisement and/or eliciting laughter

二维码植入∙QR Code placement


During ad placements or skits, through appropriate advertisement plot design, present QR codes and set/introduce rewards when QR code is used

特别鸣谢∙Special thanks


Special thanks through presenting logo and thanking advertisers at the end of the episode

视频内容特别定制∙Video Content Customization

留学产品介绍∙Studying abroad product presentations

我们会根据广告商的产品调研,制定最能切入进留学生市场的方案,创意,剧本,及表演剧情。我们制定的方案,理由充分, 形式自然,寓教于乐,让人观后之后,记忆犹新,沁人心脾。

In accordance to the advertiser’s product design, generate plans, ideas, scripts, and performances best suited for the target market. Our reviews will provide ample reasoning, appear natural, be educational and entertaining, to ensure viewers feel fulfilled and refreshed after viewing.

留学产品测评∙Studying abroad product reviews


We will fairly and openly review studying abroad products and services from the perspectives of real student experiences and third party reviewers

成功案例∙Success stories


Present international student success stories through Study Abroad Question Mark documentary formats. Through this opportunity, enable viewers to form positive impressions of the educational institutions and brands behind these success stories

文章广告∙Advertise on our articles

插入式广告∙Ad inserts


Insert graphic advertisements that we have designed at the end of articles



Sensibly insert product/brands into texts in accordance to image/text style, topics, and plots.



Review advertised products in fair and unbiased ways. We cannot guarantee everything said will be positive, but will ensure your products will be presented in relatively positive and impressionable ways

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